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Resetting a Classical Steel Shaft

Firmly clamp the shaft into the vice just above the ferrule.

Heat up hot rod with propane torch and insert it through
the shaft tip section a few inches, but short of the plastic ferrule.

Wait about 30 seconds for the heat to transfer through the steel shaft walls and soften the adhesive bond.

Grip the club head firmly with both hands while carefully rotating it from side-to-side, while pulling the head down and away from the shaft until its been completely removed.

Remove all old glue and residue from the shaft section below the ferrule.

Then, abrade this area evenly with a coarse grit Emory cloth strip, or with a belt sander/grinder.

Clean up and abrade the interior of the hosel bore with a round file to remove any residue or debris.

This clean abrasion will provide the interior walls with a very secure grab surface for shaft bonding with the epoxy.

Pre-cut and fit a wood dowel into the shaft tip section
for an insertion depth of approximately 1 1/2".

When cutting the wood dowel, allow for a little extra material to protrude from the shaft tip for final finish blending to the sole, after the shaft has been set with epoxy.


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