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Mike Donald's MacGregor Tourney M85W Eye-O-Matic Driver

Mike began playing with his M85 Driver while a college Junior and kept it in the starting line-up for fifteen years on the PGA Tour.

Seventeen years in the bag is truly amazing, especially when considering that a persimmon block shaped and crafted in the mid-nineteen fifties was the Driver
of choice for a player at the absolute highest level of the game

I inspected the club during the 1984 US Open at Winged Foot while promoting my hand crafted woods on Tour and spent a little time on the range early in the week watching him shape shots with the Driver while making notes of the clubs dimensions and visual features.

I have always had a deep respect for players who were confident with their equipment builds and had particular clubs in play for extremely long periods.
For them, the golf club also functions as a measuring stick for consistent posture, alignment and motion.

Coming down the stretch in the heat of battle, when one's palms are sweating, the pulse is elevated and breathing
is difficult, its good to be looking down at an old friend behind the ball. The very special friend who's tendencies
and limitations are understood at the most intimate level as they have experienced these situations together so many times through the years.

Mike Donald drove the ball with incredible precision. Its really great after all these years to get a look under the hood of his fairway finding instrument.

Mike said the club head had seen better days but just loves everything about his old friend, its set-up, balance, shape and a face that naturally fit his eye at address. (Must maintain the exact curves, lines and details)

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